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A Tale of Alice, Shakespeare and the Earl of Oxford

Two stories in particular caught my attention this week for the Friday Round Up and, not surprisingly for a movie lover living in a city steeped in Lewis Carroll mythology and history, one of them involves Alice in Wonderland. It’s … Continue reading

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A different perspective – Edge of Darkness and Mel Gibson

A couple of weeks ago I did a post here which was like a digital shake of the head over why there was an American reboot of The Edge of Darkness – a remake of a groundbreaking British TV series … Continue reading

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BAFTA Sunday – surprises, delights, yawns

The problem with Sunday evenings is that you don’t want them to end – then it’s Monday. One way to extend those precious Sunday hours even further is to watch a movie awards ceremony. That’ll put you in a different … Continue reading

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A Single Man – leave your tissues at home

When George looks at his reflection in the mirror he sees not himself but the ‘expression of a predicament’. It is all about appearance – how one appears to the world around us. Few people have an eye for design … Continue reading

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Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief – Olympus Reimagined

Today I made the acquaintance of Harry Potter’s successor – Percy Jackson. You can read my review (with spoilers) here. What I don’t mention there is the inconvenience of trying to go to a cinema right next to a packed … Continue reading

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Reboots and Rebooted Rebooties

If any studio has any doubt about what to do with something gathering dust in the corner, here’s the answer – Reboot. The news that Tobey Maguire and Sam Raimi were gone from Spider-Man 4 was swiftly followed by news … Continue reading

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Friday Round Up (Superbowl Saturday Supplement)

What a week – Oscar nominations (read out pre-dawn in front of tired people) and now the studios are preparing their big guns for Sunday’s big event which is ostensibly about American football but may be more about the beer … Continue reading

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Oscar Nomination Day – better than the big day itself?

There are lots of things that puzzle me about the Academy Awards – the announcement of the nominations at 5.38 in the morning, for instance – but the actual nominations themselves hold few shocks. Especially in a year when you’ve … Continue reading

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