Fast and Furious 5 (blu ray)

… or Fast and Furious 5, to give it the courtesy of its full title. However, when we’re talking about a heist film in which the robbers actually steal the entire vault and drive off with it attached to two cars, throwing it around like some kind of superclub, it doesn’t pay to be to beat around the bush. Fast 5 is indeed furious in places but, on the whole, its mood is a lot lighter than that. Possibly at times it gets a little cross, but Fast 5 is a film about cops and robbers that likes to think it has a heart.

For the sake of the film, I’ll brush over the plot. Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel), his sister Mia (Jordana Brewster) and his potential brother in law Brian (Paul Walker) return to our screens to steal more money than is imaginable from a drug lord that is hated in equal measure by goodies and by baddies. What that means is that our band of reprobates on wheels will be aided in their assault on filthy lucre by Luke Hobbs, a Police Officer who has too many muscles to fit into a shirt because he is The Rock (Dwayne Johnson). More disturbing than his willingness to aid and abet is the alarming fact that PC Rock has more hair on his chin than on his head.

One may laugh at a film like this, and indeed I did, but there is a place for an exciting film with great scenery – in this case Rio – and fast cars. While this world holds no place for women who are shorter than supermodels, it does look good on the eye and this attractive vision is enhanced by the feel-good atmosphere of the movie, despite the fact that police officers spend much of the film being wrapped around lamp posts.

There are characters with an axe to grind but one senses that they won’t live to complete the course. What matters here are the themes of family, parenthood, responsibility and these ideals win out despite the action that fills 95% of the film – driving as fast as one can to steal from baddies. The driving sequences are great and there’s a good chance you’ll be sitting at the edge of your seat. I also liked the rather curious way in which subtitles moved across the screen. Vin Diesel does what is required by the writing on the tin while Paul Walker has a winning way with his eyes. Unfortunately, my TV isn’t widescreen enough to appreciate fully the breadth of Dwayne Johnson’s acting here.

When all is said, laughed and done, I thoroughly enjoyed Fast Five. I love cars, I love scenery, I like a bit of repartee. These were all delivered and more. If you fancy a Saturday night film from which all unattractive people are banned and which will thrill you from start to finish, then I suggest you watch Fast and Furious Five.

I haven’t seen the first four, but I don’t think this affected my understanding of the plot. But after this, I think I may well see Fast Six.

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