The Cabin in the Woods

I have a feeling that this review of The Cabin in the Woods will be ridiculously brief, not because there’s little to say but because I do think that very few films are so at risk from even the smallest spoiler than this one. I will therefore have to muddle through and instead tell you why you might want to give up 95 minutes to The Cabin in the Woods.

1. Five young adults visit the extremely remote cabin of the cousin of Curt. The enticement here is that Curt is played by Chris Hemsworth of Thor fame. I do hope, though, that you don’t love him for his hair.

2. A horror story with a bunch of teens is very well trodden ground. It’s fortunate, then, that this film has more twists in it that the Corkscrew rollercoaster of Alton Towers.

3. All the usual types are here: the lap dancing beauty (recently dyed), the pothead with a brain beneath the fumes, the big sporty muscular hunk, the unknown entity with a soft heart and a nice body, the virgin who also has a very good body. Further afield there is the tobacco-chewing red-eyed red-necked creepy gas station guy type.

4. There is humour mixed in with the horror. I can’t tell you what any of the jokes are as they’re too spoilery.

5. If you like thriller novels then you’ll like some of the ideas behind this. I just can’t tell you what they are as they’re too spoilery.

6. Josh (Bradley Whitford) from West Wing is in it.

Verdict: Despite combining elements from The Hills Have Eyes (can you believe that was 2006?) and other films I could mention but can’t because that would be too spoilery, The Cabin in the Woods is an enjoyable horror with enough shocks and twists to keep you entertained. However, I would argue that the first half is much superior to the second, I just can’t tell you why. The twists are not hard to spot as the story progresses and the horror is not too horrific: no more than 3 out of 5 on the horror scale.

While not as good in my opinion as the hype would suggest, The Cabin in the Woods is a fun film with some pleasing twists that is much harder to review than it is to watch.

Please all watch the film so that then we can talk about it?

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