Issue 3 – 29 January 2010

The woman of the week, or, more correctly, the pudding woman of the week, is Anne Hathaway. Cheered through the streets of Cambridge, Massachusetts by Harvard’s drag princesses, Anne graciously received her hasty pudding pot award with elegantly composed rhymed couplets. More information here. Next week, Justin Timberlake, who recently completed filming The Social Network with demigod David Fincher in nearby Boston, will be crowned pudding king. Anne’s next big engagement is on Tuesday when she will announce the nominations for the Oscars. The Oscars have been postponed this year by two weeks because of the Winter Olympics. I doubt that potential Oscar winners are part time Grand Slalom medal contenders so the delay seems odd.

In other awards, Carey Mulligan at last received a prize for An Education. Critics at the Richard Attenborough Film Awards also recognised Sam Rockwell for his dual role in Duncan Jones’ outstanding directorial debut – Moon. Richard Attenborough did even better – he was given official ‘legend’ status.

Sherlock Holmes has stood up well to the menace of the Big Blue Meanie, which has taken over a huge proportion of the land’s theatre screens for a good month. As a result, Sherlock Holmes 2 is getting a push. While speculation mounts about which screen icon will play Moriarty, Guy Ritchie has committed to the SH sequel by pulling out of Lobo, a comic book film about an alien hunter. Rather ironically, Robert Downey Jr has also pulled out of a comic book movie Cowboys & Aliens, in order to free himself up for Sherlock Holmes 2. Daniel Craig is now in talks to take over Downey’s role in this tale of cowboys and Apaches standing united against a bunch of aliens. I know – that old story again…

Sherlock Holmes

Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr

Just to show that all is not lost in the comic superhero supervillain movie world, interest builds in The Green Lantern, which will feature the always watchable Peter Sarsgaard as a pathologist called Hector gone bad. And if you’re good at fighting and dialogue – two things that don’t necessarily go together – you too could be in the film. Open auditions are being held in New Orleans for stunt people who can do both. They must have run out. Some concept art also leaked out this week.

In 2010, 3D is the new black and so, after weeks of rumours, it was finally announced that Clash of the Titans will be delayed by a week to 2 April 2010 while it undergoes the process of conversion to 3D. I’m sure it won’t be the only one. The remaining Harry Potter films will also undergo the same treatment. With every wave of the wand, you’ll think it’ll have an eye out.

After touching on actors and Avatar earlier in the week, I was interested to read this Independent article today which argues that stars are very much here to stay.

Weekend Must-See: Brothers (oh yes)
Weekend Must-Not-See: Daybreakers (it has vampires in it – I am so tired of vampires)

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