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Priest – plus Paul Bettany and the Dan Brown Legacy

When Paul Bettany took on the role of the mad monk in The Da Vinci Code back in 2006, he may as well have signed a contract that said he would play every mad monk going on the big screen … Continue reading

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Green Lantern – does what it says on the tin

My name is Kate and I liked Green Lantern. That doesn’t mean that I thought Green Lantern was the movie of the month, or even the week, but, judging by the opinions of more than a few people whose opinion … Continue reading

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Knight and Day – Right or Wrong – give it a go!

Never one to be deterred by a bunch of critics telling me I shouldn’t go and see a movie, I went to see a movie today that has just opened in the UK and is not faring well amongst the … Continue reading

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Time to move on! Some movies on the horizon…

I would apologise for my absence over the last month but it’s not my fault – it’s that Jake Gyllenhaal and Prince of Persia (plus FIFA and SW19). I’m not used to this sort of intensity of publicity; where turning … Continue reading

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The good and the bad and the Super – Scott Pilgrim vs The World

I know nothing about comic books – I can barely tell Spider-Man from Superman and don’t know my Avengers from my Furies and I thought Iron Man was an American Civil War battle ship. The last comic I read was … Continue reading

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Oscar Nomination Day – better than the big day itself?

There are lots of things that puzzle me about the Academy Awards – the announcement of the nominations at 5.38 in the morning, for instance – but the actual nominations themselves hold few shocks. Especially in a year when you’ve … Continue reading

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An Education – the beginning of the awards season

The nominees for the Golden Globes were announced today by Justin Timberlake (among others) and, while the absence of some names disappointed, the inclusion of other names was a consolation. One in particular – Carey Mulligan. Back in the cold … Continue reading

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