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Remaking Goldie Hawn (and anything else that moves)

Is it just me, or is there an unusually high number of movie remakes in the offing? Or does it just feel like that? In the same way that it feels like Alfred Molina is in every other movie this … Continue reading

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Do I love you, Phillip Morris? And what about you, Ewan McGregor?

This week I put aside my misgivings about Jim Carrey ever being able to make me believe he is anyone other than Jim Carrey and went to see I Love You Phillip Morris. I’m not so sure that I left … Continue reading

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David Fincher – Making the ordinary extraordinary

I have a real, tangible weakness for David Fincher. If there is one director whose work I will make a point of chasing down it’s Fincher. There is no other director I can think of for whom I feel anything … Continue reading

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Tron is back! Iron Man is back! Avatar may also be back…

It’s been a busy week, due to a certain golden chappie who answers to the name of Oscar, but now it’s time to take a breather and catch up a little on what else has caught the eye – apart, … Continue reading

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Bravo Sandra Bullock but Land of the Lost ‘Worst Prequel, Remake, Rip-off or Sequel’? Never!

There was one film from last year that I didn’t make a single effort to see and that was All About Steve. But surely I am not the only person who now wants to give it a go following Sandra … Continue reading

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Never mind Alice – stick with Mars Attacks!

Alice in Wonderland is certainly raking it in this weekend, despite decidedly mixed reviews – both about the film and its less than perfect (indeed, horrid) 3D effects. It has been commented that perhaps Alice is a film too many … Continue reading

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