Issue 6 – 12 March 2010

It’s been a busy week, due to a certain golden chappie who answers to the name of Oscar, but now it’s time to take a breather and catch up a little on what else has caught the eye – apart, that is, from how devastatingly handsome Jake Gyllenhaal looked on his first red carpet for quite some time. For more on his week please visit my other place, but the main non-Oscary event that grabbed my attention this week was the release of the trailer for Tron.

This trailer was the culmination of several weeks of torment and torture – with the studio sending Tron fans on various egg hunts around the cities of the world. The rivalry between these fans was clear – some got t-shirts, some didn’t, some saw trailers twice, some saw trailers once. Some didn’t see anything, some saw something they didn’t understand. Some saw The Princess and the Frog. The rest of us made do with the release of the trailer on the world wide web.

As someone who has, on amazingly rare occasions, been called a geek (something to do with my recordbreaking minesweeper scores and my thirst for new gadgets that cannot be quenched), a remade Tron was always going to be a film I’d want to see. Although, having said that, Tron 1 was such a groundbreaking film for its time that it has set a standard extraordinarily high for Tron 2 to match, let alone beat. It does have Jeff Bridges in it, but then so does every film made this year. It also has Michael Sheen in it and I could say much the same about him.

We still have a ridiculously long time to wait before we see Tron in its entirety (17 December), although, at this rate, there’s a fair chance we’ll have seen the entire film in trailers and TV spots by then. But in 3D it will be spectacular.

One of the most (and there are several) annoying aspects of Alice in Wonderland is that it booted Avatar 3D out of the theatres just as I was about ready to see it again. But James Cameron knows my mind and he is well aware that there is at least another $200 million to be made from a film that possibly has little DVD life in it. And so this summer Avatar 3D may be back in our theatres for those rainy afternoons. We may also get another 10 minutes – any more than that would encroach on laws about how long we’re allowed to be surrounded by 3D wonders and blue people.

Interestingly, the 2D DVD release will precede the return of the 3D version to the big, big screen while the 3D blu-ray release will have to wait until our home technology has caught up.

For a fair few, the Oscars were overshadowed by the release of the new second trailer for Iron Man 2, which premiered straight after the event that never ended.

It doesn’t matter how many trailers I’ll see of Iron Man 2, 30 April cannot come round soon enough. That’ll keep me going until Prince of Persia in glorious IMAX on 21 May.

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