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Movies 2011 – the fabulous, the less good and the downright horrible – and worse

In 2011 I saw approximately 70 movies at the cinema. Obviously, I would have seen many more if it weren’t for cinema prices and the fact that teens and certain other people are allowed in theatres without being gagged or … Continue reading

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Apollo 18 – the Christmas Blu Ray Turkey

Apollo 18 was one of those films that a) I wanted to see at the cinema, b) was sorry I missed at the cinema, and c) was rather relieved I didn’t see at the cinema when I heard what others … Continue reading

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The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo – Fincher style

I’ve not been looking forward to writing my review or impressions of the 2011 version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. This is because I haven’t seen the 2009 original (and nor will I) and I have no interest … Continue reading

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Arthur Christmas – what happens when you mix Magic Dust with a flask of Christmas Spirit

I may be one of the least festive people I know and, as such, there are very few Christmas movies that can entice me into a cinema – I find elves particularly wearisome, except if they’re Will Farrell. Nevertheless, with … Continue reading

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Take Shelter – a tedious journey to nowhere

Take Shelter tells the story of Curtis, a construction worker in Ohio with a beautiful wife and daughter who begins to suffer nightmares, revolving around terrible storms. Birds fall from the skies, pets and friends turn aggressive and the only … Continue reading

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Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

A couple of Christmasses ago we first encountered Sherlock Holmes in a new disguise – Robert Downey Jr, although not a native of the environs of Baker Street, London, donned the figurative deerstalker and cape and brought a whole new … Continue reading

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TT2D: Closer to the Edge (Blu ray review)

After Senna, sports documentaries have much to live up to. Thanks to TT3D: Closer to the Edge (TT2D on blu ray), the standard has been raised even higher. As a biker myself, this is a film I’ve been longing to … Continue reading

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