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Final Destination 5 – in full, revolting and fantastic 3D

It’s fair to say that I’m one of the most squeamish people I know. I can barely watch a tomato being chopped in half. As a result, I normally give a wide berth to films that require a certain amount … Continue reading

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Cowboys and Aliens – a film of two halves

A few months ago, if you had asked me which of the summer blockbusters I was looking forward to the most, I would have answered with no hesitation at all, Jon Favreau’s Cowboys and Aliens. There are quite a few … Continue reading

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Sarah’s Key – watch it and then watch it again

Kristin Scott Thomas is one of those actors who will always draw me in to see their films. I realise that Jeremy Clarkson gushes about her with ridiculous regularity on Top Gear but, nevertheless, I will always give Kristin Scott … Continue reading

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Troll Hunter – a Norwegian ‘cultural phenomenon’

When you’re attending a movie event as large as Empire’s Big Screen there will inevitably be an element of luck in what you see. This afternoon I made all the right choices. I saw Troll Hunter, complete with a Q … Continue reading

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The Cowboys and Aliens British Premiere – Meeting a legend, Harrison Ford

There are some actors that epitomise movie stardom and I would argue that chief among them is Harrison Ford, aka Han Solo, Indiana Jones, Bladerunner, to name but three roles that I have grown up with. Star Wars was one … Continue reading

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Rise of the Planet of the Apes – a review (of three quarters of it) from a dark night in London

It’s not every day I’m invited to a very posh London hotel for a film screening, Q&A, drinkies and nibbles. Last night was one of those rare occasions and it all began so well. The promise of Rise of the … Continue reading

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Ironclad – blood will run! And then there’s The Purefoy Factor… (Blu ray review)

Not long after Ironclad bludgeoned its way onto my blu ray player and TV, I realised that I would have to seal off that little bit of my brain that stores historical facts. It wasn’t hard to do because Ironclad … Continue reading

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Captain America: The First Avenger – a Marvel too far?

In 2012, Fury’s Avengers will fill our cinema screens with more superheroes and supervillains than you can shake a hammer at, but, before that can happen, there is one more Avenger that we have to meet. Ironically, he is the … Continue reading

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Super 8 – read my review at Bleeding Cool

At long, long last UK audiences will see Super 8. Two months after its release across the pond, Super 8 opens in the UK this Friday. I was fortunate enough to see it quite a while ago, thanks to Bleeding … Continue reading

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Napoleon’s Pyramids by William Dietrich – a guest book review

I’m delighted to welcome a guest reviewer to the site today. Liz from My Favourite Books kindly agreed to review a novel that has been a favourite of mine since I read it a few weeks ago – Napoleon’s Pyramids … Continue reading

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