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The good and the bad and the Super – Scott Pilgrim vs The World

I know nothing about comic books – I can barely tell Spider-Man from Superman and don’t know my Avengers from my Furies and I thought Iron Man was an American Civil War battle ship. The last comic I read was … Continue reading

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PoPcorn – the alternative Prince of Persia review

I set up MovieBrit with the express intention that it should be opinionated. But not just with my opinions. That would be dull. There is little I like better than having a good debate about the movies. When you sit … Continue reading

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Prince of Persia – Let Summer begin! (A review)

You may have noticed, I’m a Jake Gyllenhaal fan. This is not (solely) because he’s hot, handsome, funny, charming and intelligent, although that doesn’t hurt, it’s primarily because Jake has chosen to act in a diverse range of movies that, … Continue reading

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Iron Man Returns – and gets a bashing

Here’s a taster of my Iron Man 2 review – you can read more (and it’s very spoilery- and hopefully entertaining) here. I have a headache this evening and I don’t know if it’s because of the oppression in the … Continue reading

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