Source Code – see it!

On Tuesday evening, thanks to Bleeding Cool, I was extremely fortunate to go and see a screening of Source Code in London’s West End. The cinema was large, it was packed and there was a buzz from beginning to end. I was expected good things but what I saw was even better than that, proving that Moon was not a one off and that Duncan Jones has an incredible future ahead of him.

As for Jake Gyllenhaal, I think I may have seen his finest performance to date on Tuesday evening.

My review is non-spoilery and can be read at Bleeding Cool.

Once the film is out – 1 April in the US and in the UK – and more people have seen it, I’ll do a review with spoilers behind a jump. I urge you to see Source Code.

There is, of course, lots of coverage of Source Code over at my other place, Wet Dark and Wild, and at Man Made Movies.

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