Gulliver’s Travels

After having dug out a van entrenched in ice, armed with nothing more than an ice pick, a cup of espresso and a shovelful of hope, I slid around the roundabouts of Oxfordshire today to see Gulliver’s Travels 3D.

I managed to almost ignore the three small children who were clearly too young to be able to spend more than six minutes at a time with their mouths closed. I even managed to ignore the family behind me who had brought someone with them unable to speak English and who had to have every line translated to them. I managed to nearly ignore them because Gulliver’s Travels was a surprisingly enjoyable and engaging movie, not just because of Jack Black but because his humour was combined with that of some of the finest comics in Britain (and Emily Blunt).

I’m not writing a review today because I have already done one, when I was fortunate enough to attend a screening in London last month, courtesy of Bleeding Cool. You can read my review at Bleeding Cool as well as my report on the exceedingly amusing press conference, during which Billy Connolly revealed himself to be not only hugely funny but also enormously warm and generous, to his co-stars and to everyone else in the room. Many thanks to Bleeding Cool!

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