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Sacred Cows – Please don’t remake or reboot me

This week came the disturbing news that a remake of the 1990 scifi triumph Total Recall is on the cards, under the potential directorship of Len Wiseman. Wiseman directed Underworld – I’ll let that sink in for a moment… Bearing … Continue reading

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What this woman wants – on The Rebound

With all this talk of A-Teams, evil exes, airbending and karate, I thought I’d grab a couple of quiet hours this evening to watch a RomCom. Admittedly, this term is not always used with affection and when I see one … Continue reading

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Toy Story 3 – too good for kids

This week I girded my loins and ventured into that most frightening of scenarios for the first day of the school summer holidays – the matinee showing of Toy Story 3 in 3D. I had proved admirably resilient to the … Continue reading

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Scott Pilgrim worries, Tron wows, Piranha 3D too hot, Knight and Day opens, Sharktopus nowhere, Cowboys and Aliens on the way, UK films thrive – Friday Round Up

After far too long, a return to the Friday Round Up – apologies for the delay, this was entirely due to forces beyond my control (ie, Jake Gyllenhaal and Jerry Bruckheimer combining powers to create the Prince of Persia black … Continue reading

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Movies that want to be liked

You know what it’s like – you download some well-loved Eminem tunes off iTunes and you realise you’ve got the ‘family’ versions, complete with pauses, heightened percussion or irrelevant words with the right number of syllables. Hot on the heels … Continue reading

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Predators – the prey strikes back

I don’t know about you but I have a low threshold for gore and horror – neverthless I grasped my cinema ticket in both hands and braved an empty theatre to watch Predators yesterday. I wasn’t sure that my Ben … Continue reading

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Inception delivers (spoiler-free)

What to say about Inception? This film left me flummoxed and since seeing it yesterday evening I’ve had a disturbed night and day thinking about it. The hype was massive, I was expecting great things. I was worried I’d be … Continue reading

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The Social Network trailer – special. Green Lantern suit – not special.

Today the tweeting film and comic community has been getting very excited about a man in a green CGI suit, not a stitch in sight. Yes, today we got the first look at Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern, courtesy … Continue reading

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Eclipse – is it a good thing when vampires sparkle?

It’s always been a gripe of mine that when a movie with a lot of hype behind it makes it into the cinemas, it sucks up all the screens, leaving not a lot of room for other movies trying to … Continue reading

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